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Explorers Academy Preschool Enrollment Contract


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Has your child had previous childcare?
Does your child have allergies?
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Photographs of your child are taken daily and shared on the Brightwheel app. Regarding such photos, please read the following statements and check all that apply. Photos of my child...

- I understand that upon acceptance to Explorers Academy Preschool, I must pay the Materials Fee for my child and that 10% of the tuition cost is due by June 15th or upon acceptance if enrolling after this dateExplorers Academy Preschool requires payment in full or enrollment in our automatic monthly Flex-Pay payment program by the 1st of the month that my child begins attending. Payment is due for my child's registered days despite my family’s attendance or scheduled closings (e.g. inclement weather). There are no refunds for preschool tuition. I understand that late payments for the monthly flex-plan will be assessed a $25 fee and that if my payments fall more than 2 weeks behind, my child may lose their spot at Explorers Academy Preschool. Further I understand that a $35 NSF fee will be assessed if my check is returned by the bank. If I have 2 NSF checks within a 6 month period, I will be required to pay by Certified Check, money order, or credit card. Explorers Academy Preschool runs as scheduled per the school’s annual calendar for 10 months, starting in August.  I understand that my tuition will be billed monthly for full or prorated tuition accordingly. I understand that if there is NOT a 30-day written notice given PRIOR to our departure from the program, the entire amount due for the remaining registered preschool tuition through the end of the school year may be charged to the guardian. Explorers Academy Preschool reserves the right to collect all fees due and any collection and/or legal fees will be charged to the guardian in the event of debt collection and/or report said indebtedness to the credit bureau and/or military command, as deemed necessary. Any questions about or issues regarding these tuition payment policies should be directed to Arlela at as soon as possible. 

- I understand that Explorers Academy Preschool is not a drop-in childcare program and that if I would like my child to attend more days or longer days than I am currently registered for (as outlined in my child's Acceptance Letter) that I may submit a schedule change to add additional preschool days and/or extended day placement, provided space is available. Payment is due for the increase in tuition fees upon registration. For guardians who have enrolled in the payment plan, additional tuition fees will be added to their payment plan if the additional weeks are added prior to the expiration of the payment plan. I understand that I must pick my child up on time at dismissal. Should I arrive late, I will be assessed late fees as outlined in the Preschool guide payable the following pay date. The center is licensed for a set number of children per session and the license can be revoked if this number is exceeded. If I am consistently late, a meeting will be held with the director and my child’s enrollment may be terminated.  

- I understand that during my child's enrollment at Explorers Academy Preschool, I am required to maintain my child’s supply list which includes special items to  ensure participation in all Preschool activities (e.g. diapers, nap mat, etc.). In the event that my child’s supplies are not provided and/or replenished after teacher notification, I will be assessed a $25 purchasing fee to Explorers Academy Preschool to replenish my child’s supplies.  

- I understand that Explorers Academy Preschool utilizes a positive guidance discipline approach (as detailed in the Family Guide) and will never use corporal punishment.

- I understand that at this time Explorers Academy Preschool does not transport children or provide opportunities for swimming activities. If this were to change, I would be notified in writing and would be required to give written permission/consent for my child to participate.

- I understand that Explorers Academy Preschool does not administer medication except for those required for emergency use in the case of an allergic reaction (e.g. EpiPen) and that if my child requires such a medication, I must provide the medication in its proper container and must have explicit instructions from a medical provider and necessary signed forms on file.

- I understand that I must actively use and have access to the Brightwheel app in order to receive and send communication with Explorers Academy Preschool while my child is in their care. 

- I understand that Authorized Adults for picking up my child must be listed in this Enrollment Contract. Additions of names after this Contract is submitted must be made in writing. Anyone, including primary guardians, who are not able to be identified by the staff member on site will need to provide photo ID in addition to knowing their Brightwheel code for checking out. 

Upload Statement of Child's Health (DSS Form 2900)
Upload Certificate of Immunization (DHEC Form 4024)
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