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Katie Halstensgard

Katie Halstensgard

Director of Education & Curriculum Development


I love the wonder, promise, and joy of young children - the way they explore and engage the world around them. Early childhood education is the work of shaping and guiding the future of our families, communities, and world, and it is truly an honor to play a role in it.

Erica E..JPG

Erica Evett

Director of Education and Programs

Even from a young age I've always enjoyed working with kids! If I'm having a hard day, I can always count on one of my students to say or do something that will make me smile! Being able to watch children grow in the classroom every year is incredibly rewarding and I love creating relationships with our families!

Jaimie Marks

Jaimie Marks

Curriculum Specialist, Senior Lead Teacher,  

Bear Cubs Lead Teacher

I have been working with children for 15 years, and my absolute favorite thing is to see my students make connections with what we’re learning about and everyday life. They might remember a tidbit about a story or even a letter we explored, and then when something reminds them, there’s a, ‘Hey! Like we talked about this morning!’ moment. It’s an exciting way to see their brains at work. But most of all, they make me laugh, remind me to not take life too seriously, and together we help each other become kind and empathetic humans!


Bethany Sheridan

Owlets Lead Teacher


“I love working with children because they are the most raw form of humanity. I think it’s so important to be reminded on a daily basis of who we truly are before the world tells us who to be. When children are this young, they are unashamed of their personalities, they take risks, and they find joy in the simplicity of everyday things without needing to know everything about the next one. I believe as adults we can foster those wonderful traits and support children to grow healthfully into themselves.”

Amanda Jones_edited.jpg

Amanda Jones

Otter Pups Lead Teacher


"I love getting to build a fun solid foundation for kids to learn, grow, and develop. Getting to build relationships with the students, and help them figure out who they are brings me an immense amount of joy! Their limitless energy, honesty, and creativity are very inspiring, and a continuous reminder of how exciting the world can be! They’re constantly teaching me how to be a better teacher and a better person!"

Quinyetta W.JPG

QUinyetta Watson

Fox Kits Lead Teacher

Being an educator has always been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. And I can remember the first teacher that inspired me to become a teacher and as I reflect on that, that’s the impact I want on children. I want to be able to shape their futures and help mold them into positive adults. I love working with kids and introducing them to a new way of thinking. Education has progressed over the years, there’s so much to offer kids in this day and time. And I’m thankful that I’m able to add to that as well.

Kaylee H..JPG

kaylee holland

Fox Kits Assistant Teacher and Enrichment Specialist

"I love to teach because I love having a positive impact on young children's lives! One of my favorite quotes is:

"One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is a vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child." - Carl Jung ...and it's something I'm really passionate about!"

Destiny Sullivan.jpeg

Destiny SUllivan

Community Events Coordinator and School-Age Programs Teacher


"I’ve had a goal, since I was younger, to treat children better now than what was done for me. I love working with children, not just for the impact I get to have on them, but for the impact they have on me. Often I learn more from them…and I’m the teacher! Everyday they teach me new ways to be better for them, and be better for myself."

Paulmichael Cameron.heic

paulmichael Cameron

Program Educator and  Afterschool Adventures Teacher

"For me, the joy of working with children comes from showing them how special and how valued they are. Being present to them, their interests, and their feelings uplifts them, and being able to see that happen within them is amazing. And as I’m able to keep showing them that, the hope is they become confident in who they are, and see that same value in each other."

Debra Austin.jpeg

Debra Austin

Preschool Floater

"I like the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families, helping them navigate challenges, strengthen relationships, and promote their well-being."

woman smiling

Lyouba Assadourova

Chief Brand Officer

I am passionate about creativity, design, and communication. My goal is build a sustainable, trusted brand with longevity where families and employees feel valued and work together to achieve a common goal - raising healthy and happy children.

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