My Caregiver & Me classes

are 45 minute classes for ages 1-4 and one of their grown-ups. Semester sessions run 6-10 weeks depending on the season and are $15/class per child when you buy a 6-, 8-, or 10-week Class Pass; “drop-in” classes are $20 per child. You can drop-in anytime, space permitting, but we encourage you to secure your spot in advance. For best experience we advise you to book a full continuous semester. We also know that life happens, so you are welcome to use your Class Pass at your convenience through the whole school year.


Open House Classes are free trial sessions but require prior registration to ensure space. If you have more than one child under the age of 4, please contact us about sibling rates and policies.

Max Capacity: 6 kids

Price: Single Class $20

Class Pass: 6-Week $90/8-Week $120/10-Week $150



Fridays 10 AM or 1 PM  Book Adventure (ages 1-2)

Fridays 11 AM or 2 PM  Junior Jetsetters (ages 3-4)



Summer 2021: June 18-August 6 (8 weeks)​

Fall 2021: September 17-November 19 (10 weeks)​

Winter 2022: January 21-February 25 (6 weeks)

Spring 2022: April 1-May 27 (8 weeks)

Summer 2022: June 17-August 5 (8 weeks)

Fall 2022: September 16-November 18 (10 weeks)