School Break Camp

is a full day of camp for K5 thru 5th graders on most days when GCS is not in session. Each day runs from 8am-3pm. Breakfast, lunch, and two snacks will be provided as well as themed activities, free play, and mini outdoor excursions, weather permitting.


Single Day - $75

5 Day Bundle - $356

10 Day Bundles - $675

2022 Camp Days:

  • October 18th

  • October 19th

  • December 20th

  • December 21st

  • December 22nd

  • December 27th

  • December 28th

  • December 29th

2022  Camp Days:

  • January 17th

  • February 21st

  • March 7th

  • March 8th

  • March 9th

  • March 10th

  • March 11th

  • April 18th

IMPORTANT! New clients must fill out the new family profile form prior to their child's  first day of attendance!