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Installment 3: New Year? Is anything truly new?

Happy New Year, Explorer families! What a wild ride 2022 was, agreed? I think I'd find agreement if I described last year as adventurous, tumultuous, politically charged, social & cultural whip lash, exposed... I think there are a lot more descriptors. But amongst all the tumult there were moments of peace, joy, love, & so much laughter. Life has a way of making itself balanced even if we don't always see it. The universe can only handle one side of a pendulum before it necessitates a direction change. Now that we're at the year-end threshold, how do you all feel? Has your pendulum swung already? Are you still waiting for the other shoe to drop? Are you excited or nervous?

Trepidation for the start of "new" things is normal. But in reality, not much is "new." You'll still work, whether it's at home, in the office, caring for loved ones. You still have responsibilities. Rules and regulations still have to be followed to maintain order. So much stays the same. And that, friends, is where we must stay vigilant to not become complacent! WAKE UP! Stay alert! Don't become "used to it." This new year, I challenge all Explorers to welcome the new. Welcome the uncomfortable. Learn about something new. AWAKEN your minds, bodies, & spirits.

"Word of the Year" might seem a little cliché and trite, but, I believe, so worth it! I've used mine already in this blog "rant." :) AWAKE. In 2023, "I am staying AWAKE to _____." As an educator, staying awake and alert is so vital. Staying awake to new concepts, to new approaches, to new curriculum. As a community builder, staying awake is crucial to understanding, relating, and connecting people, families, & other communities with each other.

All this rambling, apologies. The new year transition, again, is so difficult to encapsolate into words sometimes. But my intention is to help you think. And to encourage you all. Use the past year as a springboard for learning and moving forward into this new year as better global citizens. Learn. Love. Live. Embrace 2023 with all the love and life you can muster!

We at Greenville Explorers wish everyone a fantastic, safe, & meaningful New Year transition! See you all in 2023!


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