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building community series

Installment 4: Taking a look back so that we can enjoy today in order to prepare for tomorrow


World Explorers Group celebrates our 20th year this year! Founded in 2003 by Kisha Edwards-Gandsy & Keyanna Murrill (see picture above), we've grown and expanded to two locations across two different states, while influencing and enriching thousands of young Explorers and their families. We have so much to be grateful for - the biggest reason is YOU!

Community visions should always include three perspectives:

Yesterday. Yesterday's perspective is one that understands and remembers the past and what it took to get where we are today. Never forget where you were yesterday; yesterday informs you of how far you've come.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow's perspective keeps you going. The method may change, and that's ok. The path may change, and that's ok. But the goal - the goal remains the same. We seek to build a better community for our children (our Explorers) to inherit and make better for themselves and generations to follow. We seek to enrich the lives of the generation coming up behind us and to build a more inclusive environment full of love, compassion, understanding, and equitable equality.

Today. Today's perspective is influenced by yesterday's learning and tomorrow's vision. Your decisions in the here and now are affected by what you've learned and how you want the result to look like for the future. You can't have one without the other.

World Explorers vision peers towards the future. We strive to build a global community through exploring each other's cultures and experiencing them with open minds, eyes, and hearts. We strive to train and enrich the lives of young Explorers and their families through whole-child based curriculum. And we strive to educate ourselves and others about ourselves and others. We hope you'll join us on this adventure!

Cheers to the next 20!


Our Community:

World Explorers' vision for tomorrow will always include how to build a better community for our little Explorers to live in. By doing that, we show how persons of all backgrounds can find common ground and interest to come together.

Here is featured community partner that we're excited to work with this year on various events:

Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery is a local establishment in our community that works closely with local farmers and craftsfolk to bring local produce and products to our community. Building local business is at the heart of a healthy community. Greenville Explorers is excited to provide pop up activity tables at some of their community events this year! Click on the image above to go to their events webpage to see what events are coming up. (Hint: we'll be at the fun party on February 18)


Our Programs:

Greenville Explorers has a vast array of programs to offer families here in the Upstate. Make sure you sign up for any newsletters, social media posts, and other communication about what we offer for your Explorers, ages 2-11.

Program examples:

  1. Preschool (ages 2-4)

  2. School Break Camp - "When school's out, we're in" (ages 2-11)

  3. Summer Camp - bundle packages and payment plans available (ages 2-11)

  4. Friday night PJ Parties - select nights for drop off child care (ages "potty trained"-11)


Check us out!

Check out our "What's the Buzz" Monthly Newsletter for all the latest happenings at Greenville Explorers!


Check out our local social media pages!


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