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building community series

Installment 5: Spring is sprung in the Upstate!

Spring Garden Falls in Reedy Falls Park, Greenville SC (stock photo)

Beauty abounds in exploration

It's hard to believe that we're seeing daffodils and tulips already here in Greenville! Or if you're like me, you're already going through boxes of tissue paper and stocking up on allergy medication. Spring is my second favorite season (next to fall). We may have a lot of "yellow snow" (pollen) here, but it is an absolutely stunning place to experience new life in nature. Dormancy of winter gives way to new breath of life for spring.

Exploration of new things pairs nicely with the new life that spring brings. It's almost as if we are on a beautiful cycle of exploration every year. As winter melts away and warms up for spring to come forth, we start to see and explore with our senses all over again - as if we had forgotten what joys color and fresh smells of nature provide us.

Exploring the newness of nature in your community is also a path to building our community person to person. Find ways to get out into nature with your friends, families, and those who you may not know. Utilize a cloudless day to invite someone on a hike, or coffee by the Reedy River, or a stroll along Main Street during the Saturday Market.

Cultivating is a pillar word in the horticultural world. It simply means "to prepare the land" [for crops or planting]. In our communities, "cultivating" partnerships & relationships is the foundation for a successful community that thrives and grows. You can't simply plant a flower or a vegetable in a ground of which you have no knowledge of the condition. You must dig, work, fertilize, water, and then plant seed. It takes time, yes. But time well spent brings forth a fruitful harvest. And that is what community needs - time, work, and hands that are willing to get dirty. Is every garden successful? No. Should every gardener simply quit because their garden struggles to produce the harvest they desire? Absolutely not. And that is the same with community. We continue to dig and work and water the ground and seeds so that we learn what works and doesn't work in the soil - in our community.


Our Community:

World Explorers' vision for tomorrow will always include how to build a better community for our little Explorers to live in. By doing that, we show how persons of all backgrounds can find common ground and interest to come together.

We love coming alongside non-profits to help cultivate young minds to be better equipped for their journey into the world as global citizens. Coming up in April, we will be participating in the iMagine Upstate STEAM Festival! Here is a link to their wonderful cause and we hope to see you there on April 1 on Main Street, Downtown Greenville!


Our Programs:

Greenville Explorers has a vast array of programs to offer families here in the Upstate. Make sure you sign up for any newsletters, social media posts, and other communication about what we offer for your Explorers, ages 2-11.

Program examples:

  1. Preschool (ages 2-4)

  2. School Break Camp - "When school's out, we're in" (ages 2-11)

  3. Summer Camp - bundle packages and payment plans available (ages 2-11)

  4. Friday night PJ Parties - select nights for drop off child care (ages "potty trained"-11)


Check us out!

Check out our "What's the Buzz" Monthly Newsletter for all the latest happenings at Greenville Explorers!


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